Customer retention and Loyalty

There are no hard and fast rules about how to win customer loyaly and gain repeat purchase but here are some guidelines:-


In online websites - the ease of usage is often as important as the price of the product. For example it is possible to find and order a product from Amazon within 5 minutes. Why look at other websites unless Amazon does not stock what we are looking for?


In the the retail store for low ticket items - the quality of goods and the quality of service are key.


But when it comes to high-ticket items such as cars the approach needs to be totally different. We bought a second hand SAAB some years ago. The dealer never contacted us about servicing or tried at a later stage to sell us another car. To the dealer we were irrelevant once the purchase had been made. Is this common? Yes very common.


Recently the was taken to a new SAAB dealer for servicing. They were very good at confirming the appointment and the servicing itself was excellent. But apart from that we never expect to here from them again unless the car is booked in for another service.


SAAB like all other car manufactureres spend a great deal of money on advertising for new customers but what about the customers they already have? How often do they talk to them?


Several year ago we set up an owner loyalty programme with Renault which had the aim of a structured communication programme with new purchasers. The results were very interesting:-


Increased service traffic

Customer referrals

Increased traffic at Renault events - leading to increased new purchases


In other words - increased owner loyalty.


We have also worked on such programmes for Citroen and Ford Vans.